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Subhanallah, Dr Sheikh Muzaffar kongsikan video perjalanan menakjubkan di angkasa

Hari ini, Dr Sheikh Muzaffar melalui instagram beliau, berkongsikan video menakjubkan perjalanan beliau ke Angkasa. Subhanallah sangat menakjubkan dan boleh melihat aurora dari angkasa

Lihat perkongsian beliau di sini dan kongsikan artikel ini agar lebih ramai yang dapat melihat keajaiban ini

As promised ... these are some of the footages that I took from space . The view of Earth is just amazing . A small tiny Earth surrounded by billions and billions of galaxies . Every galaxy has their own solar system with planets , sun , stars ... And the Universe is expanding . We are truly insignificant Just a tiny dot ... but yet we are proud walking on Mother Earth . There are many things we still do not know of our universe . Are there life in space ? Are we the only one living on Earth in this vast universe? We are still searching ... Man has gone to the moon . In fact 12 people did . But there’s nothing there .. Mars is our next destination ... hopefully in 2025 . That’s the plan . We have send Rovers to Mars and have found water underneath ... There should be life form on the Red Planet . If I’m given a chance to go to Mars on a one way ticket - I’d do it in a heartbeat leaving everything behind . In fact 6000 people have registered on a one way mission to Mars . Space has definitely change my perspective on life as a whole . Constantly soul searching I feel I have found what I was looking for since I came back from Space . I felt a sense of complete ... A sense of calmness ... The experience of Space has definitely changed me into a whole new man ... But there are many things we still don’t know ... And never will ... The mysteries of the universe . To seek knowledge we need to open up our minds and read the AlQuran for guidance ... It’s all there ... Good Morning Everyone ... Just sharing ... Love As Always ... More videos on my YouTube Channel . PS - I still get goosebumps each time talking about space ...


10 hari 7 malam pengembaraan terbaik ke selatan New Zealand. Tekan pada foto di bawah untuk info lanjut :


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