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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

This family of 7 from Singapore made a great travel album of their lifetime. Rashid Kana and his wife Roslindah decided to go for this trip early 2018 with A Malaysian company who pioneered in rare & halal travelling in Asia. They signed it up in in Singapore Expo, the day this Malaysian company made its first debut in Singapore.

7 in a family had a fun time visiting places rarely travelled by people in Switzerland, France and Italy

This is Zurich, Switzerland

This is the place where people rarely go. No tourists. Just them and a few others in the trip. The river is crystal clear. You can even see the river bed clearly although it's 10 feet deep.

They even stopped at a cooling tower of a nuclear reactor. Don't worry, it is safe.

One of the happiest moments before sledging near Swiss Matterhorn.

They had hot chocolate in the cold winter of Swiss. The feeling was awesome!

The youngest of all simblings, Zulhilmi.

Some nice places do not necessarily need to be accessed with tickets. You don't even have to fight with hundreds of tourist buses. This is just at the backyard of their accommodation.

At the valley nearby. This is how great it could be if the trip is arranged together with personal photographer all in the package. Awesome, what they see will be soon gone, but the memory lasts forever. The pictures ARE the memory.

This is how do they go around. By this means, they can stop anywhere they like, to see whatever beautiful things around. Stop, and take more photos!

The city of Bern.

With the rest of the buddies.

Hidayah (the eldest daughter) with Zulhilmi.

This is no Nami Island but this is Switzerland.

Boarding a train to go to Matterhorn.

In the city of Bern, Swiss

Travelling in winter will make the day shorter but the whole day will be photographically awesome. Morning light or golden hour is almost ALL DAY LONG.

Meeting co-incidently with Asia's number 1 photographer, Saiful Nang who is also the CEO of the Malaysian company who arranged this trip.

Sledging near Matterhorn (before the whole things turned upside down)

A few moments after

Hidayah was still maintaining zero accident until this photo was taken

Some of the places they visited, was not even a well-known place but the locals reserve the place from the knowledge of tourists in order for them to enjoy the originality of the nature there.

The holiday seemed like a million dollar holiday because of the photography. The photographer used to work with CandidSyndrome International and the rate of each photographer under this label can be up to SGD10,000 per day. Imagine, they have this photographer for this trip not only for 1 day but for the WHOLE trip.

Nurdinie (18) is a camera shy girl (in the beginning) but very friendly towards the end of the trip.

Eating can be fun though. Local food (halal) and they too could enjoy the Malay food there as the cook come along in the trip. They could still eat 'asam pedas' in the middle of Swiss winter.

In Colmar France.

One of the best experiences, they could stop anywhere they found apples. Then, ask permission to eat as much apples as possible straight from the trees.

Wearing official hoodies by Rarecation, the company which arranged this awesome trip

When the husband and wife sometimes forgot that they have 5 kids around them. They thought that it was their honeymoon trip. Feeling 20 years younger is one of the wonderful effects of the trip.

Whenever you see the livestocks around you, definitely you will notice that this IS Switzerland. You will stop and...

...say Hello to them. Take pictures with them too.

Happiness can't be acted for photo. You can really see clearly how enjoyable the trip was by looking at all those photos.

If you are Singaporeans, meet the organizer of this trip in Singapore. There are coming to your place THIS WEEKEND! Let us explore the world differently. Rarecation is the number 1 company in Asia in Google trending for organising RARE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. More than that...100% HALAL! Food is halal. In fact, MALAY FOOD like 'asam pedas' or 'nasi lemak' is expected EVENTHOUGH you are in the middle of North Norway Arctic. Yes, we will bring our cook along. Join us this Saturday DATE: 16 Mac 2019 (Saturday) TIME: 9.30 am - 2.00 pm (linear program, please come at 9.30am or you'll miss some special destination preview) VENUE: SLV Hub, 115 Eunos Ave 3

We will show you on this day, the preview of the highlights of 2019 trips. You may add on your bucket list for this year and next.

Let's go to

1. Lapland (Sweden Norway) - Arctic 2. New Zealand 3. Trans Japan 4. Balkan 5. Kenya Great Migration 6. Morocco Spain 7. Central Europe 8. Swiss Alps 9. Moscow & Trans Baltic 10. Iceland 11. Baitulmaqdis 12. Umrah 13. Turkey


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