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5 Best Waterfall near Kuala Lumpur

Are you in the searching for the best waterfall near Kuala Lumpur (KL)? if yes then we have some of the places that are less than an hour of trip to go there. The place is full of sightseeing environment to capture and to see and with the rush of the waterfall also. So here we are going to share some of the places that is the best near Kuala Lumpur.

1. Sungai Ampang Falls

Here you will discover some moderately obscure and untainted cascades, further in from the street that exits the MRR2 parkway at the National Zoo. One explanation they're less-known is down to their accessibility: to arrive at the falls, you should climb a rather strenuous path in at least 45 minutes after leaving your vehicle left at the passage of Institut Budaya Baru Melayu. What's more, that is simply to find a workable pace little fall Lata Shem, or Lower Ampang Fall. At that point a one-hour trek is required to find a good pace Ampang Fall (Lata Gitar), which comprises of amazing vertical and close vertical falls.

Simply lazing at the base of these falls (maybe recuperating from your climb) is both unwinding and strengthening, and a decent compensation for the excursion. Close by tough is the upper fall (Lata Pinang), which is a beautiful vertical fall that, very likely, not too numerous individuals have seen or appreciated.

2. Sungai Tua Waterfalls

Made up of pools for wading and swimming, rapids, cascades, and a near-vertical fall, Sungai Tua Falls is ideal for picnics, bathing, barbecues, and camping. It is within the Sungai Tua Recreational Forest Reserve, which in turn is part of Selangor State Park, and is popular with locals. The drive to these waterfalls is a scenic adventure in itself, offering views of rainforests and the beautiful Batu Dam Reservoir.You’ll also see the River Stone Eco and Nur Laman Bestari Eco Resorts nearby, where you can drop by and have a good meal after enjoying the waterfalls. Amid lush jungles, flora, and large growths of bamboo, there is also a suspension bridge crossing the large stream that feeds the waterfall.

3. Komanwell Waterfalls

Located just a kilometre or so from Kanching Falls near the 23km marker of the Rawang Highway, on the opposite side of the highway, the Komanwel (Commonwealth) falls is within a pristine natural forest reserve. It is well-supported with amenities like chalets, landscaped gardens, camping grounds, and an all-purpose hall, along with a small eatery called the Bamboo Café, which serves Malaysian cuisine. All of this comprises part of the Commonwealth Park or Taman Rimba Komanwel, which got its name from the 14th Commonwealth Forest Conference held here in 1993. The falls here, although not big, is still pleasant and enjoyable which makes Commonwealth park also a great venue for having ‘Team Building’ or corporate seminars especially in view of the facilities and amenities available. There are also gazebos for picnics, a horse riding school, a paintball park, and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) for hire.

4. Kanching Waterfalls

This waterfall is actually a popular local tourist attraction and accordingly, tends to be overrun with people on weekends and public holidays. Weekdays are the best bet for a bit more peace and quiet. Kanching Falls has seven tiers that comprise pools, cascades, and vertical falls, and the falls and host lands of Kanching Recreational Forest exist as an annexe of Templer Park, just off Jalan Rawang. The falls’ sixth and seventh levels are the most spectacular, while lower levels are great for having picnics at the gazebos provided. There are changing rooms and toilets at these cascading falls. The flora and fauna are interesting to watch, especially the birds so bringing along a camera or pair of binoculars is a must for bird lovers. The falls here are very much part of Templer Park’s attractions, which also include the Templer Park Country Club, lakes, and private residences made up of large bungalows and terraced houses.

5. Chamang Waterfalls

The journey is picturesque, and when you arrive at this waterfall which comprises both cascades and rapids, you are met by a roaring thunder of rushing waters and spray. It’s a sight to behold as the water gushes out and down the rocky face, especially after it’s been raining further up in the mountains. There is ample parking here, and camping sites are also available, with picnic gazebos located around the area. Crossing the blue wire mesh suspension bridge across the rapids is an adventure in itself. There also are changing rooms, toilets, and shower rooms there, as well as basic barbecue facilities. Do not swim or go near the falls and its rapids when the red warning flag is up, however, as there have been accidents in the past.


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